Monday 10 | 24| 2016

The Fork in the Road

Picture this: you are feeling comfortable, calm, and relaxed and safe with either your inner healer guide or a physical external one, and you are opening the door to your personal path for healing and enlightenment. It is the door found at the moment of mutuality. Mutuality as a sacred moment within the compassion space that can be between you and another person or between you and your relationships with the divine. But it is a moment that often leads quickly to the discovery of a fork in the road. The moment of mutuality is a moment of connection, of revelation, of discovering these obstacles that impede further progress along the path of enlightenment. We all have them. At some point in our lives we will all travel that fork in the road which leads us to destinations of doubt, confusion, emotional turmoil, and increased separation from our connections in the compassion space. This fork in the road is one which can lead to “darkness” (the term darkness in is quotes because it is not actually dark) and a sense of disconnection, confusion and increased suffering. There are many ways that we get trapped within our own confusion spinning around and continually revisiting the same fork in the road. To break out of the habits of thought and action which seem to force us down that unwanted fork in the road we need to have a map and a guide. The map is provided to us by the shift to well being experience because it shows us what the moment would be like, and feel like, once we make the correct choices at each fork in the road. The guide (should we be fortunate enough to find one matching our needs) can help us to see the fork and to navigate around it. There are library shelves filled with books describing the troubles mankind faces on the road to spiritual, psychological and physical well-being within the helping relationship. These obstacles, and guidelines, can be divided into 5 categories of information: 1) Foundational (what is being presented in these early blogs), 2) Healing relationship, 3) Support relationship, 4) Resistant relationship, and 5) the Mystic relationship. Each of these five categories can be viewed as a fork in the road leading to a garden room where the guide and the participant can visit and explore the meaning of the experience. The documents presented on this website are not meant to replace the journey, only to enhance the wisdom one has available during the journey. Most of us experience relationships with others, or with the divine, using our understanding of the concept “relationship” – our relationship stance. Freud said that transference was the Alpha and the Omega of therapy, meaning that we often play out the dance of our relationship history while in the mutuality moment. Some people cannot find their way past the forks in the road, ever winding and twisting and returning us to repeat the same troubles preventing us from seeing the correct fork in the road and then choosing to walk down that new path. Some folks do not know about accessing the helping relationship in a way which is constructive, growth enhancing, and which opens the possibility for experiencing the shift into well being. But if we can look into the proper mirror of introspection we may find within that relationship dance knowledge about how to take a different fork in the road. The unique relationship within the compassion space leads to well being. It is its unique nature which when understood in a deep and meaningful way, can help us to find our way past the fork. Finding one’s way to this unique relationship almost always involves a struggle with more than one fork in the road before gaining a richer understanding of this healing relationship and our personal role in the quest. It is a struggle which either continues, or leads to a “letting go”.
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