1. Sunday 08 | 27 | 2016

The Alpha and the Omega - Dark and Light

As I pondered on how to start this blog the image of the alpha and the omega came to mind and its connection with the classic yin yang symbol. It always seemed to be a nonsensical thing, light existing within dark and visa versa. But as I get into my senior years the wisdom of the interconnected nature of the human experience shows up in the oddest places. In the study of human experience we start with a description of the experience and follow with an interpretation. For example: I was visiting my grandsons, and out “rock digging” with one in, a big pile of field stones in the back yard. The previous visit had been successful in said same stone pile. As we were pounding away his mother came out and applied sun screen to the young lad of 8 years. As she walked away she turned back and said, “You never know what you will find in there, maybe even bones. Some old burial mounds look like that.” I smiled and then passed on some grandfatherly advice to my enthusiastic grandson who was tossing rocks out of a small hole like a dog in pursuit of… and giving away the end of the story, that is just what he found, and it looked fairly old. He was really excited! Coincidence or interconnectedness? My life has had an abundance of these types of experiences, in a wide variety of intensity and depth. I am not calling upon the supernatural here but rather a very natural process of STEM Flow (Space Time Energy Matter – STEM). Not going to go all Einstein here. Let’s just say you and I are beings who move through space and time and in doing so make an impact. Not a butterfly effect, but a real change in something or someone. Change leaves behind evidence of its mark on STEM Flow. Does that suggest that you and I, and not in some “supernatural altered state”, possess the ability to see this evidence? The list of names given to this ability to “see” STEM Flow evidence is long. Here are a few examples: gut feeling, intuition, subliminal processing, the subconscious, and a sixth sense (or third eye). But what if we are just wired to see this way, much like a Canadian goose is wired to find its way south for the winter. Like my daughter putting all the pieces of the STEM Flow evidence together to draw out a hypothetical conclusion, a predictive one which came true. The truth of it (we’ll talk further on truth in the future) is not proof of anything more than the allegory. It is a story that resonates in our culture asking, “Is there something more to how we can know?” I can hear some child asking why and some parent saying, “Because I know!” That’s not quite the alpha and omega I am talking about. The quest for understanding how we know, how we relate to each other in knowing (light) and of course not knowing (dark), is both the beginning and the end united - the Alpha and the Omega. Difficult to grasp? Yeah – it’s often why they call this the path of the mystic. In the writings to come I will seek to de-mystify this path, a path that speaks about expanding our understanding of how we know.
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